Gallery Walls

Published on 1 October 2023 at 20:05

Why stop at one picture? Starting with two complementary pieces (shown here Little One and Next Chapter) up to walls entirely covered with an assortment of artwork, a gallery wall is an attractive and effective way to cover a blank wall.

To make this work:

  • Keep some kind of coherent theme by using a tight colour palette of two or three colours. Below I have used blue and green themes respectively.
  • Mix it up so that there are different sizes and shapes and so that no two similar pictures or frames are adjacent to one another if possible. Try for a variety of styles of artwork too. It doesn't have to all be pictures - mirrors, clocks, barometers, etc. are allowed!
  • Use frames and art that complement your decor.
  • Hang pictures at eye level.
  • Then for the arranging. Either place everything on the floor and play around until you're happy and you can see the actual sizes and spaces required between pictures (at least 5 cm/2 in). Or arrange things virtually either on a computer with to-scale photographs of the art and the space or use physical cut-out pictures and play around until you find a pleasing arrangement.
  • Then hang your pictures IRL and enjoy!

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