About me

I come from an artistic background and have always loved art and been creative, but followed a more conventional career path. After some health issues and retirement I have returned to art energised, excited, and animated by the chance to explore it again.

I am inspired by the wild and crazy diversity of the natural world and the restorative power of nature. I never know what is going to inspire me or what I’m going to produce next. 

I work from home in the Cotswolds in Southwest England and my art is mostly sparked by the world around me - although animals or plants from distant shores such as the fantastical and beautiful leafy seadragon or the mother of millions plant (see below) managed to catch my eye!

I particularly like the organic shapes created by nature and sometime embellish these to produce fantastical plants and animals as seen below (Papaverine and Kooky Coral respectively).

I find engagement with the inner creative process to be both fascinating and rewarding – the best show in town!

This results in an eclectic mix of subjects including animals, plants, people, landscapes, and abstract art. It also means I work in a variety of media (mostly acrylic) combined with collage. I have always loved paper - Japanese, Mulberry, Venetian, textured, iridescent – I love them all. I find cutting and gluing paper to be therapeutic and consider collage to be a very varied and underrated art form. It can be fun, quirky, beautiful, thought-provoking, confronting – so many things.

My aim is to create vibrant art that lifts spirits and adds joy and zest to any space. I don’t take it all too seriously adopting a playful attitude and hope that comes through in the pictures produced. I had fun creating the work you see here, and I hope you have fun appreciating it.

My offer to you is that if you suggest a subject and I like it I will produce an artwork and will notify you first when it's completed.. If you like it you get first opportunity to buy at standard prices, otherwise I will add it to this online gallery. Also, if you see something you like here, but would like it in a different colourway (or other changes), let me know and I will see what I can do on the same basis. So, not a commission as such (or at commission prices - which can be double regular pricing) - let's call it commission-light!


Alison x